Pre-Event Networking - 17th October

17.00 - 20.00    Developer Community Meet Up

"Embracing change through Innovation" - 18th October

08.45     Registration and Arrival Networking

Keynote Session:

09.15     Welcome - Mark Palmer, Country Manager UK & Ireland - InterSystems

09.25     How far is technological innovation leading social change or is it being led by Society?              Tom Chatfield - Writer, Broadcaster & Tech Philosopher 

09.55     38 years of InterSystems - Paul Grabscheid, VP of Strategic Planning - InterSystems   

10.25     The Uber-Fication of Business - Julie Lockner, Director, Partner Programs - InterSystems

10.45     Networking Break

Embracing change through innovation:

11.15     Presenting a 360-degree view of your customer

11.40     Interoperability in Public Safety 

12.05     Improving Patient Outcome - Peter Walton, Managing Director - Dendrite Clinical Systems

11.15    Financial Services Workshop & Cloud Breakout Demo

11.55    Spark Breakout Demo

13.00     Networking Lunch

Business Transformation is not just limited to IT projects:

14.00     InterSystems IRIS Data Platform  - Simon Player, Director of Development Data Platforms - InterSystems

14.35     Sustainability, Skills & Learning - John Paladino, Vice President of Client Services - InterSystems

14.55     Awareness, Responsibility & Commitment - Mike Fuller, Marketing Director - InterSystems

15.15     Governance, Accountability & Trust - Ken Mortensen, Data Protection Officer - InterSystems

15.35     Networking Break

Understanding & Investigating InterSystems Products:

15.45     Achieving Horizontal Scalability - Jon Payne, Manager of Sales Engineering & Education - InterSystems

15.45    Cloud Breakout Demo

16.10     Docking Containers: Essential Knowledge - Saurav Gupta, Sales Engineer - InterSystems

16.25    Spark Breakout Demo

16.35     Data Visualisation - The choice is yours  - Mark Massias, Senior Sales Engineer - InterSystems

Closing Keynote:

17.05     As businesses embrace innovation, what's next? What will innovation look like in 2030? Philip Howard, Research Director - Bloor Research

17.35     In Conclusion - Mark Palmer, Country Manager UK & Ireland - InterSystems

17.45    Networking Drinks & Interactive Dinner

21.30    End of Day


11.15    Financial Services Workshop

In an era of globalised, interconnected financial markets, where there is economic uncertainty and the pace of change is rapid, agility and adaptability are vital for the success of your business.  

Being equipped with insight to assist organisations in making decisions about future business growth opportunities, and the emergence of how new technologies can drive market efficiency is imperative.

Hear two leading financial services experts discuss and share their insight


  • Brexit: How Europe and the UK can meet and come to an equilibrium - David Gyori, CEO - Banking Reports


  • How will Blockchain technology improve global investor access in emerging and frontier markets? Nick Bone, Founder & CEO - EquiChain

Hands On Product Demos

11.15 & 15.45 - Build your own Cloud

Increasingly, application developers are taking advantage of the scalability and flexibility of deploying in the cloud. This experience focuses on the process of quickly defining and creating a multi-node infrastructure in a top IaaS provider. Using InterSystems’ new cloud provisioning tool, learners will provision a multi-node infrastructure, connect to the new instances, and run commands. Then (because often there isn’t a permanent need for resources) they will un-provision all of the instances.

11.55 & 16.25 - Hands on with Spark

Apache Spark is an open-source, cluster-computing framework that is gaining popularity for analytics, particularly predictive analytics and machine learning. This experience allows learners to use InterSystems’ connector for Apache Spark to analyze data in a multi-node sharded architecture. Through hands-on exercises, they will analyze data using a Zeppelin notebook, load additional data, and see how their data is incorporated in the analytics.

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