Joined-Up Health & Care 2017


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19 June - Trust Interoperability Forum

As part of our Joined-Up Health and Care conference every year we run a workshop called the 'Trust Interoperability Forum' focussed on the more technical interoperability challenges and success. As ever, this session is open only to NHS employees. You can register your interest in attending on the registration page and we will be in touch to confirm. 

13.00 - Lunch

14.00 - Welcome

17.30 - Close

19 June - Pre-Conference networking reception

This year we have decided to host an informal networking reception pre-conference. You'll have the opportunity to either try the course for the first time, or beat last year's score on the Belfry's Ryder Legends mini golf course! 

17.30 - Welcome reception

18.00 - BBQ and Mini golf

21.30 - Close

09.15 - Welcome & Introduction

Mark Palmer, Country Manager - InterSystems

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09.45 - Bad Science, Better Data

Dr Ben Goldacre - Bad Science

Every day there are news reports of new health advice, but how can you know if they're correct, or misleading? Ben will highlight just how misleading these claims can be, with a sprint through a series of hilarious and disturbing examples, showing how evidence is distorted, and how it should be done right. Patient choice needs good data. Access to this good data is vital for clinicians in hospitals and beyond.

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10.30 - Healthy Liverpool

David Walliker Chief Information Officer - Liverpool Women's Hospital Foudation Trust

Healthy Liverpool is a plan to make sure that the city’s health and care services meet the needs of the people who use them. Liverpool is leading the way in using new technology to improve health and care services. One area where technology can make a big difference to your experience of health care is making it easier to access personalised information about your health electronically. David will share the vision for Liverpool and how that vision can be made a reality.

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11.10 - Break

11.30 - Informatics and Strategic Drivers for Interopability in Adult Social Care

James Palmer, Programme Head, Social Care Programme - NHS Digital  

Social Care organisations have largely adopted digital systems, but have historically lacked the support and funding to enable sharing of information between other care professionals and health systems. Good progress has now been made in putting Adult Social Care and the needs of the Sector firmly on the national informatics agenda. James will share the strategic drivers for interoperability in Adult Social Care with a focus on understanding the whole system benefits for investment.

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12.05 - West Midlands Mental Health Trusts' Alliance to Transform Care

James Reed, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist & Chief Clinical Information Officer - Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

Four mental health trusts in the West Midlands have come together in a unique, new healthcare alliance that will focus on the greatest challenges for urban mental health services and where it can rapidly realise quality and efficiency benefits, spread best practice, and reduce variations in cost and quality through integration across current geographical and organisational boundaries. James will share the journey of bringing the alliance together and what this will mean for mental health care services. 

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12.40 - Saving lives in healthcare and the EHR

Dr John Payne, Physician Executive - InterSystems

There is growing realisation across healthcare that patients are regularly harmed and sometimes die because of preventable errors. Attempts to address this failure in patient care have included learning from other industries including car manufacturing, aviation, and NASA. Dr Payne, a cardiologist working within a heart transplant team, will talk of this, why he is passionate about reducing preventable harm, and how the electronic health record can improve patient safety.

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13.15 - Lunch

14.15 - Digitally Transforming a health and care system, a view from the North of England

Graham Evans, Chief Information and Technology Officer - North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust embarked on an eHealth/Digital programme as part of a Trust and wider health and care system digital strategy. Within the Trust, the digital programme set out to replace multiple legacy systems for an electronic patient record that brings information together in to one, unified, enterprise-wide solution. The combined system supports a more seamless care experience for patients and more operational efficiency for the not just the Trust, but the regional health and care system as well. Graham will share experiences of the benefits a unified systems brings, but also the challenges associated with change.

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14.50 - Clinical Engagement for Successful Delivery & Safety

Professor Julia Riley, Clinical Lead - Coordinate My Care

The arrival of digital often meant an intrusive burden on already strained resources where it was intended to improve efficiencies and enhance care. Engaging clinicians from the very beginning is integral to successful digital programmes and ensure that information is correct, safe and integrated correctly. This session will discuss why and how introducing a new digitally enabled clinical service, across care settings, has been successfully adopted by engaging clinicians and putting patient's care at the centre.

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15.25 - Delivering Sustainability and Transformation Plans

Siva Anandaciva, Chief Analyst - The Kings Fund

It is accepted that the way in which care is provided must change. In 2016 the NHS was divided into 44 footprints and required to publish their Sustainability and Transformation plans. Redesigning services is a complex undertaking and focus has moved away from completing the plans to how those plans can be delivered. This session will discuss the main challenges ahead and look at how NHS organisations can realise their plans to deliver improved care for patients, clinicians, and the public.

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16.05 - Close

Mark Palmer, Country Manager - InterSystems